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Many people take for granted the opportunity to live on their own and have both social and recreational activities to fill their time. When disabilities come and change the way a person lives from day to day, it can limit the choices they have in their residence. Though some may see a barrier as the need for a wheelchair ramp, there are other barriers that are much more severe in nature. Some hurdles make it impossible for people to live as independently as they once did. You may be wondering: how can I go about finding the best senior living near me? Caregiver Connection is here to help out with that.

Understanding Physical Limitations But Maintaining Freedom

When disabilities or other health issues strike, many turn to independent living as an answer to their housing problem. Unlike nursing facilities, those who live in a senior living community get to keep many aspects of their freedom. They can work, play, shop, and live out their dreams just like they always have. Though there are some aspects of independence, it should be known that a person does not have full sovereignty in these centers. There are both patients with mental and physical issues that seek out this type of living arrangements to better their life. The goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible, but eliminating the risk of being totally on their own. Though they have their own space and can have guests stay and grandchildren visit, there is someone always within close proximity to assist with their needs.

The Move for Independence

Many elder patients want to retire to a quaint beach house or villa in the mountains. Unfortunately, health reasons can cancel any dreams they may have had for their golden years. Around 1970, a group of people got together and said that they were too well functioning to be in a nursing facility. They wanted to maintain some of their independence without having someone in their face continually. The first center debuted in 1972 in California. By 1978, there were centers in Boston and Houston too. Today, there are more than 28,000 centers across the country and more than a million residents. These people need someone to care and provide aid when needed, but they still can do most things on their own. They’re looking for five star senior living, of course.

Senior Living Near Me:

Health Requirements of Independent Life

elderly couple in the kitchen at senior living near meEach state has their own requirements for independent homes. A person who lives in these types of establishments must be able to live on their own with minimal help from outside resources. Though other agencies can come in and help with cleaning, medication reminders, and cooking; a person needs to be able to do most things for themselves. Their health must be physically strong enough that they can manage most of their day without the need for much intervention. If they have a mental or physical problem that requires round the clock care, then a nursing home would be a better option. Being able to have a private residence means that they need to be able to take care of themselves enough to live safely.

Eligibility For Assisted Facilities

We’ve already discussed that to live in a facility of this nature they must be able to tend to themselves. Though most people think of these centers as places for the elderly, younger people can qualify based on their mental and medical needs. You might be saying: I want to find senior living near me for a loved one who is younger, but has requires severe medical attention. Are they eligible?

As long as a person is at least 18 years of age, disabled, and has limitations that prohibit them from being in a unit without assistance close by, they too can use the facilities of an assisted center. Though more than half of the residents of any center will be at least 75 or older, there are no laws that say a younger person who needs some help with daily tasks cannot utilize a community like this.

How Long Does It Take To Get Into A Facility

If a center is reputable, they will have people who want to get their loved ones an apartment or home within the community. Since each center is different, it is difficult to say exactly how long it takes to get a person into a space. The big hurdle is availability followed by the financial aspects. To get into a facility, a person must have insurance or be able to make the payments. If there is a waiting list to be accepted into a senior living facility, then a person must either choose another center or wait until a spot opens. Though this will be a big change for any elder patient to deal with, it is often necessary to play the waiting game to get them the help they need.

Why Elderly Consider These Centers a Perfect Place To Retire

elderly man reading at a senior living facility near meUnlike nursing homes, independent centers often provide the very best in amenities. Some have swimming pools, restaurants, gourmet food, salons, and the list goes on and on. Depending on which location you select, you can have just as much going on in the village as there is in a small town. Many people like to live in a place where they can get aid if they need it, but they can also have a life surrounded by friends and fun. They can have a home or apartment and maintain some of their liberties while still having help a phone call away.

Aging In The System

As a person begins to age, they may no longer be able to live on their own with the same level of freedom. Many senior living centers near me have a nursing facility they are affiliated with and patients can transfer from one place to the other. This is likely the case for senior living near you as well. Though the goal is to remain on their own as long as possible, there will come a time when many are not able to be alone anymore. When it comes time for a nursing facility, the transition must be made to 24/7 services.

I hope this article was helpful in helping you answer the question of: where can I find senior living near me? Below, on this page you’ll be able to search for senior living according to the state where you live.

Being independent is important for both the senior and their family. When they have limitations but can function with minimal aid from others, an independent senior living facility is a nice place to retire that provides the amount of aid you need currently and in the future.

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