Florida Retirement Communities

A retirement community is a residential housing complex designed for senior citizens who can generally care for themselves. Most communities organize and promote outings and gatherings for their residents.

Unlike a nursing home or assisted living situations that have around the clock doctor care, retirement communities allow you to have your freedom while compiling social and independent lifestyles.

Advantages of Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are much more than a new place to live. While some seniors will decide to stay in their family home, others will find that senior living communities carry many advantages to take advantage of.

No More Housework

One of the most noticeable advantages is the lack of maintenance and housework. You are no longer required to fix a broken appliance or fork over money to a repairman. In a retirement community, their staff will ensure that every problem is fixed or broken appliances replaced.

Mental and Social Stimulation

Most communities will encourage social interaction by planning events to attend or hosting gathering rooms where you can meet and interact with other like-minded individuals. The opportunity for meaningful conversations, making new friends and taking part in exciting outings are always available.


Unlike a residential home where you can’t control who your neighbors are, in a retirement community you don’t have to worry if neighborhood kids are ruining your garden or causing mischief around your home. Everyone in the community is a senior citizen and respects the other residents.

Costs of Retirement Communities in Florida

With over 430 retirement communities, Arizona is sure to have a match for you. According to Senior Homes, Florida’s average cost of $2,545 per month for retirement communities, is higher than the national average of $1,729.

When is it Time For a Retirement Community?

As long as you are a senior citizen aged 55 or older and are retired or semi-retired, you can qualify for an independent living community.

Some communities will have varying requirements as far as health and specific needs before they will accept your application. As long as you can care for yourself, for the most part, you shouldn’t have any issues fitting in.

Senior Living in Florida

Florida is one of the best places for the active senior to retire. Aside from the PGA quality golf courses and sunset dinner cruises, you can always find plenty to do in Florida:

  • Miami Beach, Panama city beach, and a host of others.
  • Augustine and Sanibel Island.
  • Caladesi Island State Park.
  • Apalachicola National Forest.

With events, attractions and world famous restaurants, you will always find something new and exciting to do.

Ready to Get Started?

Once you decide to take advantage of senior living communities, you should narrow your focus down to a specific area in Florida. Once you have a location in mind, reach out to the local communities.

You should schedule interviews and take tours of the properties before making a decision. Find the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle. Once you have found it, all that is left is to move in and start making new friends.