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Nursing Homes in York PA

York Nursing Homes

Most families will eventually consider moving a senior citizen in their life into a nursing home. Although this is a practical decision, it can come with frustration and even feelings of guilt. With so many nursing home options, finding the perfect one only causes further feelings of frustration. Luckily, York, Pennsylvania has a lot of great options for nursing homes.

Great Options for Nursing Homes in York 

These nursing homes are wonderful options located in York:

  • Misericordia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  • Margaret E. Moul Home
  • Rest Haven – York

These nursing homes all participate in Medicare and Medicaid. They are all stand-alone facilities with above-average staff and quality of care ratings. Margaret E. Moul Home and Rest Haven have both Resident and Family Councils, and Misericordia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a Resident Council only.

Nursing Homes in York, PA

Cost of Nursing Homes in York

The median monthly cost for a nursing home in York is $9,764 for a semi-private room, and $10,707 for a private​ room.1

1CareScout Cost of Care Survey 2016.

Is It Time for Senior Care Living?

These signs can tell you that it’s time to move into senior living:

  • Difficulties walking, sitting, or standing
  • Money management issues
  • Lack of personal grooming
  • Social isolation
  • Confinement to house
  • Unable to drive safely
  • Changes in weight
  • Increased need for advanced care

Observing your senior citizen during their daily activities will help you spot these and other similar signs. It is important that you take care of them to the best of your ability. When caregiving becomes overwhelming and you find that you always need extra help, a nursing home becomes a good option.

Senior Living in the York Community

York is located in the heart of south-central Pennsylvania. Also referred to as York City, York has easy access to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Harrisburg. York is located in one of the fastest-growing counties in Pennsylvania. The city offers an array of entertainment, including the Agricultural & Industrial Museum, PeoplesBank Park, and the York County History Center.

How to Transition into Senior Living

Finding the perfect nursing home will take some time. There is a fair amount of research online that must be done, and you must also spend some time visiting as many facilities as you can. Only by visiting various facilities will you truly know which one meets all of your senior citizen’s needs. Don’t let things like your personal preferences and commuting distance affect your choice of nursing home. At the end of the day, you want the absolute best option for your senior citizen, even if that means a longer commute to visit them.

The transition into senior living is a big lifestyle change. Once you find the perfect nursing home for your senior citizen, check to see if the nursing home you chose offers transitional assistance like appointments with guides or advisors. The nursing home staff will be there for you throughout the transition process to answer any questions you may have.