Nursing Homes in Philadelphia, PA (Pennsylvania)

Philadelphia Nursing Homes

Are you worried about an elderly family member you love? Do you think it is time to make a move to a nursing home in Philadelphia PA? The move to a nursing home provides care, monitors health, and focuses on extending the life of your loved one. When nursing home living is right for your family, be sure to make the right choice in a facility.

Features to Look for in Nursing Homes

In a city like Philadelphia PA, there is every type of nursing home available. There are nursing homes focused on memory care, others focused on rehabilitation care, and even your standard nursing home with select areas for select diagnoses. Firstly, look for the right nursing home to meet medical needs. Beyond that, some features you’d find in a superior facility include:

  • 24-Hour Security
  • Religious Services or Religious Visitors
  • Private or Shared Rooms
  • Care from Registered Nurses and Skilled Nurses
  • Transportation Services for Able-Bodied Residents
  • Visiting Hours with Common Rooms for Family Members
  • Three Meals a Day Served, Special Dietary Constraints Configured
  • Medication Management and Administration
  • Field Trips, Scheduled Events, and Daily Activities

Nursing Home Costs in Philadelphia PA

Nursing home care varies dramatically, so it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cost of care without knowing the level of medical need of your loved one. The average daily rate of living in a nursing home in Philadelphia PA is $314. When calculated into an annual rate, this cost over $114,000 a year. Are you prepared for nursing home costs?

Nursing Home Living: Do You Need to Consider It?

Before an accident occurs or you find your loved one in a dangerous predicament, the move to a nursing home is the right choice. The social atmosphere, the medical care, and the cozy living quarters make nursing home living superior to an individual home for many senior citizens.

Sit down and have a frank discussion with your loved one. Share your feelings, focus on the future, and face a medical diagnosis with nursing home living. If you even question the need for a nursing home, it is at least time to have an honest discussion.

Senior Living in Philadelphia PA

For people in nursing homes in Philadelphia PA, the activities a resident can participate in depends on his or her health. In a city with so much history, nursing homes never run out of places to visit.

Famous museums and historical sites to visit are the Edgar Allan Poe Historic Site, the National Constitution Center, the Franklin Mint Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, and even people-watching at LOVE Park.

Getting Started

Do you need to choose the right nursing home? Get started by defining a budget, considering the features you require, and start touring places. For many families, visiting a location makes all of the difference in the selection of the right nursing home. Talk to the nurses, check out the food, look at a social calendar, and take the time to get a real feel for the place!

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