Nursing Homes In Erie, PA (Pennsylvania)

Erie Nursing Homes

Get peace of mind for yourself and give your loved one a better life by moving him or her to a nursing home. Whether he or she is living independently or an assisted living facility has recommended the transition, a nursing home is a right place to go. Make a necessary change with a move to one of the  nursing homes in Erie, PA.

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network - Manchester Commons, Manchester, PA
Presbyterian SeniorCare Network - Manchester Commons

6351 West Lake Road, Erie, PA, 16505

Manchester Commons offers services and amenities tailored to individual needs to make daily living easier.

Pennsylvania Soldiers' & Sailors' Home Aerial, Erie, PA

Pennsylvania Soldiers' & Sailors' Home Aerial

Pennsylvania Soldiers' & Sailors' Home

560 East Third Street, Erie, PA, 16507

Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home is a recently renovated State Veterans Home. 

Sarah Reed Senior Living, Erie, PA
Sarah Reed Senior Living

227 West 22nd Street, Erie, PA, 16502

Sarah Reed Senior Living offers impressive service and incredible amenities (including delicious food and great activities) for comfortable living.

Erie Home for Children and Adults, Erie, PA
Erie Homes for Children and Adults, Inc

226 E. 27th Street, Erie, PA, 16504

Erie Homes for Children & Adults offers a unique program to assist the mentally frail with assisted care, regardless of age.

Millcreek Community Hospital Transitional Care, Erie, PA
Millcreek Community Hospital Transitional Care

5515 Peach Street, Erie, PA, 16509

This facility is located directly next to a hospital. Millcreek also provides professional heath care service in a clean atmosphere.

Sunrise of Presque, Erie, PA
Sunrise of Presque Isle Bay

1012 W. Bayfront Parkway, Erie, PA 16507

Sunrise of Presque Isle Bay provides high-quality assisted living service in an appealing and accommodating atmosphere.

The Regency Suites, Erie, PA
The Regency Suites

322 Washington Place, Erie, PA, 16505

The Regency Suites is one part assisted living, one part nursing home. The staff is supportive and kind.

Golden LivingCenter - Erie, PA
Golden LivingCenters - Erie

2686 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16508

Featuring experience professionalism, a compassionate care staff, and high-quality healthcare services.

Saint Mary's East, Erie, PA
Saint Mary's East

607 E 26th St, Erie, PA, 16504

Offering short/long term rehabilitation, personal care services, nursing Alzheimer's care, and much more.

Abington Crest Nursing and Rehab Center, Erie, PA
Abington Crest Nursing and Rehab Center

1267 South Hill Road, Erie, PA, 16509

Providing a full-range of healthcare services including: post-acute services, skilled nursing services, rehabilitation programs, restorative and long-term care, respite care, and palliative care.

Golden LivingCenters - Walnut Creek, Erie, PA
Golden LivingCenters - Walnut Creek

4850 Zuck Road, Erie, PA, 16506

Capacious living spaces, trained staff, and corporately owned. The Golden LivingCenters brand is trusted by many patients.

Twinbrook Medical Center, Erie, PA
Twinbrook Medical Center

3805 Field Street, Erie, PA, 16511

Twinbrook Medical Center is a safe establishment with a concerned and committed staff.

Presque Isle Rehab & Nursing Center, Erie, PA
Presque Isle Rehab & Nursing Center

4114 Schaper Avenue, Erie, PA 16508

Welcoming staff, understanding care, and specialized training. At Presque Isle Rehab & Nursing Center patients are given timely medical care and treated with respect.

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, Erie, PA
Erie Presbyterian Lodge

2628 Elmwood Avenue, Erie, PA 16508

Over 60 years serving as a reputable Senior citizen center in Erie. Visit one of it's three communities helping more than 6,500 seniors live easier.

Progressive Care Center at Saint Vincent, Erie, PA
Progressive Care Center at Saint Vincent

232 West 25th St, Erie, PA 16544

This facility provides services for each of its residents on an individual basis. Services include but not limited to: dementia care, assisted bathing, grooming, meal preparation, dressing, and more.

The Village at Lutheran Square, Erie, PA
The Village at Luther Square

149 West 22nd Street, Erie, PA, 16502

The Village at Luther Square practices the art of caring by hiring skilled healthcare professionals, offering on-call 24/7 services, and maintaining a home-like atmosphere for their residents.

Golden LivingCenter - Western Reserve, Erie, PA
Golden LivingCenter - Western Reserve

1521 West 54th Street, Erie, PA, 16509

Golden Living is devoted to redefining healthcare by offering the lives of it's residents and patients the chance to enhance their day to day.

ForestView - Erie, PA

2301 Edinboro Road, Erie, PA, 16509

Providing outstanding healthcare, 24-hour nursing, and rehabilitative services based on an individual's needs.

Saint Mary's Home of Erie, PA
Saint Mary's at Asbury Ridge

4855 West Ridge Road, Erie, PA 16506

Senior TV cable, library, computer access, laundry facilities, and individually controlled heating and air conditions are just a few of the amenities offered by Saint Mary's at Asbury Ridge.

Features of a Nursing Home

A nursing home provides residential accommodations for people needing health care and is most commonly used among the elderly. Firstly, ask what care your loved one requires? If there is a specific medical diagnosis, like dementia, be sure to find a place with features including memory care. In general, a nursing home should have:

  • Skilled nursing with registered nurses on staff
  • Limited medical attention and medication management
  • A beauty salon or regular visits from a beautician
  • A chapel, synagogue, or religious services
  • Entertaining rooms, games, and/or a billiard room
  • A dining room with regular meal times
  • Security on staff for both safety and resident care
  • Outdoor space with a garden and walking paths, even with accompanied walks by the staff
  • A daily activities schedule to encourage socialization
  • Private or shared apartment options
  • Assistance with daily living depending on the person’s medical needs

The features you are looking for should depend greatly on your loved one’s medical condition as well as his or her preferences. When you work together in the selection of the right nursing home, the move will likely be easier for all parties involved.

What is the Cost of Nursing Homes in Erie?

For a semi-private room in Erie, PA the average cost is about $252 per day. The cost of this is more than $91,000 a year. For a private room, the average price is higher at $287 a day. It is possible to find a location which is more affordable than this average cost. In addition, many nursing homes can decrease costs with social security payments and large payments up front. They are willing to work with you if you speak openly about finances.

Should a Move to a Nursing Home Be Soon?

Determining the time to go to a nursing home isn’t always easy. It comes down to the safety and health of your loved one. You cannot be there every second of every day. Besides, many seniors don’t want to be a burden on their family members. Have an open discussion with your family member and work together to transition to nursing home living.

Senior Living Activities in Erie, PA

Nursing homes also schedule activities for their residents to enjoy. These field trips involve trips to the Erie, PA area. Some of the points of interest for nursing home day excursions are the Erie Zoo, the Erie Maritime Museum, the Erie Art Museum, the USS Niagara, and the Watson-Curtze Mansion. Getting outside and socializing can make all of the difference in the life of the person you love.

Get Started Now

Getting started all begins with visiting the right Erie, PA nursing homes. Schedule tours at local nursing homes and get a feel for the place. There is nothing like actually visiting the nursing home and talking to residents, staff, and front office staff. Looking for nursing homes in other nearby cities? Check out other nursing homes in Pennsylvania.