Nursing Homes in Rochester NY

If your loved one needs extensive care, you may want to consider a nursing home.  These facilities offer around the clock skilled nursing care for patients and include help with bathing, eating, and getting dressed.  Most nursing homes offer therapy services such as occupational, speech, and physical.

If your loved one needs similar care to a hospital, nursing homes will help with all the medical care, monitoring, and assistance he or she needs. Rochester offers options in a serene, nature-setting or in a bustling area.

Nursing Home ServicesNursing Homes in Rochester NY

Outside of hospital care, nursing homes offer the most medical assistance. Registered nurses can assist patients with medication, wound care, tube feeding, IVs, and any other injections.  Also, the staff will help residents with the daily activities such as bathing, getting dressed, walking, and other hygiene tasks.

The nursing home also offers activities for residents to help them stay active and engaged.  The nursing home provides 24-hour emergency care for patients. Residents can choose a private room or semi-private room and have a roommate.

Nursing Home Expenses

Each year, Genworth conducts a Cost of Care Survey to help people budget for long-term care. The 2017 survey states that the average monthly cost of nursing home care in Rochester is around $10,700 for a semi-private room and $12,800 for a private room.  These prices will vary based on the facility.  You will still want to get a breakdown of costs when you visit a community, so you know what is extra.

Medicare typically does not cover long-term care in a nursing home but can be used to pay for medical supplies, doctor appointments, and hospital care. You may be eligible for Medicaid depending on your assets.

Signs It’s Time for a Skilled Nursing Care

Moving your loved one into skilled nursing care can be a tough decision. Here are some signs that may tell you it’s time for the move.

  • Your loved one requires more medical attention throughout the day.
  • You can’t provide the amount of care needed.
  • The senior is not mobile and cannot get around easily.
  • Your loved one is not eating properly or taking care of himself.
  • You need to take your loved one to specialist care frequently.
  • The senior has fallen more than once.
  • If you notice any other significant changes such as health, routines, behavior, and mental state, you may need to consider additional care.

Why Rochester?

Rochester has something for everyone.  Nursing homes will occasionally take scheduled outings to local attractions such as museums, theaters, zoos and festivals.  Rochester has several parks, and the Finger Lakes are breathtaking to view.

Where to Start Your Search

New York’s Health Department has a search tool to let you search for area nursing homes.  Each licensed home has a profile so you can review ratings on quality of care, safety, medical practices, and more.  You can also ask around for referrals to see what people recommend.  Online reviews can also be helpful.

Rochester has several options, and you can find the right nursing home to fit your loved one’s needs and budget.

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