Nursing Homes in NY (New York)

New York offers a variety of senior care options. Their nursing home facilities have some of the most caring and attentive staff that you will find anywhere.

Each facility will offer a different scope of features and options. Each one tailored to a specific set of senior care. Knowing what you need and what the various home offer will help your decision to switch to a nursing home.

Features of Nursing Homes

New York nursing homes offer a wide range of common and specialized features. Deciding what best meets your criteria and expectations will go a long way in determining which facility is right for you.

Common Features

The common features in nursing homes will consist of:

  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Open/General living areas
  • Secured storage closets
  • Furnished rooms
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Outside agency care partnerships

Specialized Features

Each facility will have specialized features that make it unique. You should inquire about these features when searching for the perfect fit for senior care:

  • Off site medication ordering
  • Special assistance with daily life
  • Personal and machine aided monitoring
  • On site visiting services (traveling beauticians, dentists, opticians, etc.)

Whatever you may need, you will find the right fit in a nursing home in New York. Taking the time to truly evaluate what is needed and what is in the best interest for everyone involved will allow you to make the right choice.

Nursing Home Costs in New York

Most seniors are on a limited or strict budget. The facilities in New York run higher than the national average, according to Genworth Financial.

Average semi-private care will run around $11,000 per month, while private room care will cost on average around $11,700 per month.

When Should You Consider a Nursing Home?

You should consider nursing home care when the following signs begin to appear in the senior citizen in your life:

  • Increased frequency of falls or accidents.
  • Depression and lack of social engagement.
  • Plants and animal care has diminished.
  • Unable to care for themselves, (i.e., dressing, monitoring medications, bathing, etc.)

If you find your senior suffering from the above, it may be time to think about a nursing home.

Senior Living in New York

Nursing homes offer skilled medical care, rehabilitation and custodial care for the senior citizen. Options you should look for and ask about are:

  • On site registered nurses
  • Help with bathing, dressing and eating.
  • Proper medical evaluation and medication dispensing.
  • Rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

How Can You Get Started?

When you feel the time is right to begin investigating nursing homes, you should take a few steps.

First, you should talk with the senior and closely monitor their responses.

Once the need for a nursing home is established, you should reach out to the local options, schedule interviews and take tours of the facilities. Knowing exactly what each facility offers will help determine the best fit for your loved one.