Famous Actress, Kristen Bell was filming the upcoming movie, “Like Father” in Florida shortly before the monster hurricane Irma was expected to hit.

By the time she was done filming and ready to leave, she was not able to evacuate elsewhere prior to the arrival of the category 4 hurricane. She decided to wait out the storm at the Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

When she discovered that several thousand nursing home residents had evacuated to the same hotel she was staying in, she wanted to “brighten their days”.

She posted a selfie onto her Instagram, and captioned “We are gonna make lemonade outta Irma as best we can and I’m fueling up the only way I know how in order to call a few hours of BINGO!”

Bell posted several photos of her and some of her new friends to her Instagram account. She even posted a video of herself and John, who she called her “new side piece in Orlando,” singing a duet of ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

Below is a photo of the actress hugging a resident from Atria Senior Living. She says “Guys, Corey cries when she’s happy too!!!! #soulmates”.

At the hotel on Monday night, late night show host Jimmy Kimmel shared a video call with Bell. She told Kimmel, “We’re all safe and sound here. We’ve been making the most of a crazy situation.”

While in Orlando, the actress also visited Meadow Woods Middle School and performed “For the First Time in Forever” from Disney’s “Frozen” for some evacuees staying there.

While at the shelter Bell expressed, “I hope maybe some of these songs are running through your head the rest of the day and will take your mind off the hurricane.”

Not only did she stop at encouraging others, she literally saved lives too. Other Hollywood Actor, Josh Gad, posts a photo of Bell and his parents. He captioned, “literally saved my parents and my entire family tonight from #hurricaneirma. When they were stranded in Florida, she got them a hotel room at her hotel in Orlando and saved them, my brothers, my sister-in-law and niece and nephew. They don’t make them like this girl. Thank you Kristen You are truly an angel sent from above.”

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Story Credits: huffingtonpost.com


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