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Is MorningStar Senior Living A Desirable Place To Live?

In 2003 Ken Jaeger decided it was time to found his own senior housing company: MorningStar Senior Living. To this day the MorningStar did not distance itself from the principles that shaped the company: emphasizing strong ethical and moral values, promoting the healthy and engaging lifestyle and hiring employees that are passionate and compassionate about their job.

It is these principles that separate MorningStar from other companies, for these principles encourage seniors to live fully, healthy and safe, with dignity and meaning.

About MorningStar Senior Living

Ken wanted a name that spoke of life and comfort, but also something that will resonate and inspire strength and guidance, hence the MorningStar. There is also the Christian aspect of it, for Jesus said that "he was the bright MorningStar" (Revelation 22:16). Ken put the focus on brightness, for he had a bright vision in mind: create a company that will give seniors meaning and strength to live their lives with dignity and passion.

Another critical component of the MorningStar Senior Living is Radiance, a term they use to define their standards. Warmth, sincerity, and depth are the key features of the Radiance: it is about honoring and valuing others. MorningStar hires employees based on these standards, making sure that potential employee respects coworkers and residents.

MorningStar is also about giving back. The company is involved in a lot of charitable work, organizing blankets for local hospitals, caring and helping US soldiers, packing lunches for the homeless, etc. They also work together with the Alzheimer’s Association and many other nonprofit organizations.

Services Offered

MorningStar offers a large variety of services, all conducted in their wellness program. They have a holistic approach to human being, caring about his body, mind and the soul. MorningStar Senior Living has Life Enrichment team and Wellness Care team, each fulfilling a specific task.

This is the list of some of the services MorningStar offers:

MorningStar SENIOR LIVING Services

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    Licensed nurse available 5-7 days a week, on call 24/7
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    Trained care managers (emphasizing the quality of care)
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    Various types of management (diabetic management, monitoring vitals, and weight, oxygen administration, etc.)
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    Helping residents schedule doctor appointments, as well as transporting residents to attend these meetings
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    Pharmacy services
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    Physical, speech, and massage specialists

On the other hand, Life Enrichment team brings joy and purpose to residents, encouraging them on day to day basis. The team will organize road trips, attend cultural manifestations.

Furthermore, the residents can act according to their interests and talents, paint and write, swim and laugh. Life Enrichment team focuses on joy, but is also accountable, having stability and the safety of the residents as their primary concern.

Reviews of MorningStar Senior Living

When it comes to reviews, MorningStar Senior Living receives both positive and negative feedback. However, most of the negative feedbacks come from ex-employees.

When it comes to residents, most of the reviews are positive. Community reviews come from people whose family member uses or used MorningStar Living services. Interestingly enough, a lot of residents love the food and personal, stating that these two things mean a lot to them. 

My dad is doing really well here, the staff is very friendly and attentive to the residents. The community is very nice, clean and has a lot for him to do. My dad's favorite time of the day is meal time he really likes the food they serve here. Dad is also making friends and I am happy with how well he is doing.

Family member of resident

Also, residents enjoyed their time, the meals, the staff and the overall effort MorningStar Senior Living displays and puts in their work.

My mother-in-law was not always the most cooperative but the staff is super friendly and easy to communicate with and helped encourage her to participate in as much that was available as possible. There were numerous activities to participate in every day such as blackjack night and playing volleyball with balloons. As well they have a list of all the day's activities that was delivered to her room which I loved. It is also always very clean which I appreciated and noticed.

In-law of resident

Senior Living Options

MorningStar offers several living options for their residents to fit their specific needs.

Independent Living

This option assumes that retiree is looking for a change in life, joins one of the MorningStar facilities to experience a stress-free life. They no longer worry about maintaining their living space, cooking, cleaning, etc. More importantly, independent living is for people who seek companionship, someone who they can converse with, watch games, read books and so forth.

Assisted Living

This option provides health to those seniors who seek it and need it. Specific needs can be discussed with Wellness director, and care managers will ensure that those needs are met. The focus is put on honesty and transparency, for an assisted living understands that a person needs assistance in life. Instead of shame and guilt, seniors should relax and enjoy themselves and let the others do all the heavy lifting.

Memory Care

As the name suggests, memory care is for people who are diagnosed with brain diseases that result in memory loss, and deterioration of cognitive function. The MorningStar created their Lavender Sky philosophy, and it consists of three words: enter, embrace and explore. The goal of this option is to help people not only accept their condition but to embrace the condition fully and examine it. More importantly, the residents won't be alone in all this and will have someone by their side.

Short-term Stays

This option is convenient for people who want to relax over a short period. It is suitable for people who went through surgery and need a place to recover, or for people who want to test the MorningStar and see if it would be a place where they could happily exist.

Companion Living

Option where two people of the same sex, same interests, and background share a suite. Most of the seniors spent 40 or 50 years in marriage, and are used to sharing their life with someone they can trust. There is also the economic aspect of it, for companion living understands that the companions share living expenses, which is quite convenient.

Day Program

This program allows for people to visit and spend the day in one MorningStar, meet new people, converse, discuss, act. More detail can be found on MorningStar website.

Popular Locations - Find a Community

It is important to know that not all communities and facilities offer same living options. For instance, Arizona Community has four facilities (if you count the MornigStar of Glendale, which will open in late 2018). In Arizona Phoenix, you should look for MorningStar at Arcadia.

If in Colorado, MorningStar at Dayton is the best place, since it has the most living options. In Idaho, look for MorningStar of Idaho Falls. The MorningStar also offers its services in Iowa, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon.