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Kisco Senior Living operates 20 senior living care facilities in 20 states. Many of those homes are on campuses where seniors are encouraged to stay for the rest of their lives. This allows the company to spread the cost of unique activities across a larger number of residents giving seniors more activity options. While the average community contains 174 apartments, Some of the complexes are as small as 84 apartments and others are as large as 350 apartments.

About Kisco Senior Living

This company strives to respond immediately to any concerns or needs raised by the residents living in

their communities. They offer many creative programs designed to build a community within each complex. Management hopes that each resident is able to make new friend through their high-quality programming. Yet, each resident is encouraged to be as independent as possible.

The approximately 2,200 employees are encouraged to work together as a team. They are each encouraged to learn in areas interesting them the most, which allows them to take better care of the 4,000 residents living in the communities. Each staff member and each community is encouraged to continually strive for improvement.

Services Offered at Kisco Senior Living

Kisco offers a variety of options for seniors that are looking for different levels of professional care.

Independent living and cottages encourage seniors to explore passions in their lives without worrying about the maintenance required to take care of a home.

Assisted living choices allow seniors to choose from a variety of housekeeping and personal care options fitting their needs the best.

A partners-in-care approach is employed at facilities offering memory care to seniors with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Those facilities offering continuity-of-care choices also have long-term skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation.

Kisco Senior Living Reviews

Many residents say that they are extremely happy with the level of care that they receive at these homes located in six states.

Many living in independent or assisted living communities love the off-site outings and the wide choice of arts and crafts activities.

Others remark that they love how easy it is to get involved in the daily exercise programs while still others say that they are blessed by the spiritual programs provided where they live.

Senior Living Options at Kisco

If you are considering moving into a senior care facility, then it is important to choose the level of care that meets your needs the best. Family members can often help in that process.

Independent living facilities are often comparable to living in an apartment complex where only seniors are allowed to live. Those who want even more independent may want to consider living in a cottage because there is more space.

Assisted living facilities offer some housekeeping and help with personal care.

Seniors who have been diagnosed with a memory program can often benefit from living in a memory care unit where special activities are designed to keep the brain as active as long as possible while the senior receives the level of care that they need. Finally, continuity-of-care facilities offer seniors with 24-hour nursing care, even if it is needed only for a short time.

Popular Locations for Kisco Senior Living

The services that are offered depend on the community. In California, Kisco operates eight independent and assisted living communities, but only the property in Corona has cottages. In Rancho Santa Margarita and in San Rafael memory care is also provided.

The company offers six facilities in North Carolina, including three in Raleigh, two in Greensboro and one in Cary. Those looking for continuity of care will want to check out the Cardinal of North Hills while the other facilities are designed for independent and assisted living.

Kisco operates two properties in Florida. The campus in Melbourne is designed for assisted and independent living while the Palm Beach Gardens facility is designed for continuity of care.

Llima at Leihano is Kisco Senior Living location in Hawaii. At this Kapolei campus, people can live independently, with assistance or receive memory care.

Seniors living in South Jordan or Sandy, Utah, may want to consider Kisco’s properties located there. Both are designed for independent and assisted living while the South Jordan property offers some memory care.

Seniors looking for an independent and assisted living facility in Virginia Beach may want to consider First Colonial Inn.

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