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Everyone is different, and this continues to be true even as we get older. No two senior citizens have the same needs or the same lifestyle. At the same time, there is no reason why senior citizens shouldn’t enjoy their days as much as possible no matter the physical condition or personal preferences. Brookdale Senior Living is great at catering to each and every one of its residents personal needs and preferences, making its standard of care one of the best – as well as being an enjoyable place to spend one’s later years.

About Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale Senior Living is all about finding the right lifestyle for each of its senior citizen residents and allowing them to not just receive the best care, but also to have the opportunity to live their best possible lives. Each resident has the opportunity to meet with a senior living specialist, an individual who can personalize your care plan to make it fit exactly what you need – and nothing more. This way, you won’t be paying for extra care you don’t need. 

There are also a wide variety of high-class amenities offered at each location. Brookdale has chef-prepared meals to ensure your cuisine is nutritious and satisfying to you. Many of Brookdale’s locations also include beauty shops, exercise equipment (including swimming pools and putting greens), and more. The environment created at Brookdale is designed to help seniors live an active and social life. 

Brookdale began out of Brentwood, Tennessee in 1978. Since then, Brookdale has grown to over 1,000 locations around the country. It is the largest-owned senior living operation in the United States, catering to over 100,00 residents. 

Services Offered

Much of Brookdale’s mission is to understand that each individual has different needs in their senior care. Because of this, Brookdale offers a wide variety of services. Take a look at this basic overview of what is offered:

•Independent Living: At some point, many seniors find themselves unable to perform day-to-day maintenance over their own home. Perhaps even cooking is a burden that one can no longer bear. With the Independent Living facilities, someone who may not need as much physical assistance to take care of themselves but would also wish to be free of taking care of daily chores would feel well-suited. 

•Assisted Living: With 
assisted living, an individual who has more trouble taking care of themselves daily will get the care they need, whether it be with getting dressed or remembering medication or anything else.

•Memory Care: This level of care is highly specialized for patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

•Home Health Services: Brookdale also offers care services in your own home, if you do not wish to leave your home but still need assistance.


Here is a sample of what others had to say about Brookdale, including both positive and negative feedback:

•“My mother loved this place after her surgery. She was able to pick her arrangements and the staff were very knowledgeable. I’m so halt she experience such a great place. The place is very nice. The fitness rooms were amazing and the therapy routines were very prepared. The hot tub room was my mother’s favorite. The insurance offers were reasonable. We wanted something suitable for my mother and they had an array of options to choose from. We loved it. The value was reasonable especially for the amount of care provided. My mother was quite happy with her casette there and that made us happy.”
-Heather, Warsaw IN

•“I have been living at Brookdale for about two years. In the beginning Brookdale was OK when I moved in. The two people that help me did just everything they can for me. Down the road things started to change. The first year was ok. I did almost all the activities. After one and a half it started to diminished. The food declined, doctor appointments was cut down from two days to one day for the transportation to doctors. Bingo who won prizes was cut down to candy. Activities, bus outing, family nights and other events was all cut.
Paul, Richmond VA

Popular Locations – Find a Community:

With over 1,000 locations, there is almost certain to be one in whatever area you are looking in. Alaska, Hawaii, and South Dakota are the only states that do not have Brookdale communities. Some of the larger and more well-established living communities are in larger metropolitan areas. Brookdale’s website has a great search function so you can look by zip code and level of care to find the nearest community that will cater to your or your loved one’s specific needs.

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