Atria Senior Living – Info, Locations, Reviews

Finding the best senior living option is often one of the hardest decisions you have to make for you or your family member. You can be sure that at an Atria facility, your loved one will receive top-notch care. The staff commits to providing quality care that makes residents feel like they are part of a community, not a nursing home.

About Atria Senior Living

Made up of over 190 communities in 28 different states and 7 provinces in Canada, Atria facilities are home to more than 21,000 residents. The staff understand all of the challenges that seniors face and are dedicated to promoting a more fulfilling lifestyle for elders.

John Moore, the chairman of the board and CEO of Atria Senior Living says:

“I’m often asked, what makes an Atria community an Atria community. The answer is what you experience and feel when you walk through the door at one of our communities – the friendly team members, happy residents and delicious culinary experiences.”

This senior living provider is the 4th largest in the US. An Atria facility offers more than just a place to live, it provides our elders with the comfort and safety they search for in an assisted living facility.

Services Offered

You can say no more to every chore, when you become a resident of an Atria living facility. Imagine not having to do anything you don’t want to do. At every Atria community, that dream becomes reality.

Atria independent and assisted living residents enjoy the benefits of 24 hour staff, maintenance, housekeeping, arranged transportation, dining, and many other services.

Worry no more about which day to go grocery shopping or what meal to prepare on that busy Tuesday night. At every community you have the choice to do what you would like, when you would like to do it.


“My dad is at Atria Woodbridge. It is fantastic in every aspect of care. They make sure the residents are OK and if they need any help. The apartments are small but efficient. They’re very clean, very nice, and very new. The dining room is large. They also have a separate family dining room. If a family comes to see the residents, they can all be in a private dining room. It is very nice. It feels like a restaurant. Everyday on the calendar is filled with activities. There is never lack of a choice for something to do.” –Michael, relative of resident

“I feel so happy I was able to find such a friendly and safe place for my aunt to live (Atria Cranford). Her dementia made it impossible for her to live on her own. Atria gives her the help she needs and the independence she desires. The staff are great and she is happy to be there.” – Janice, relative of resident

Senior Living Options

This assisted living provider offers different living options based on the individual need and preference of the resident. Some elders might need specialized care, everyday support or just a way to get away from the stress of taking care of a home.

Atria Independent Living

Independent Living at an Atria community allows energetic seniors to live without the hassle of daily chores, duties and tasks of maintaining a house.

Atria Assisted Living

Many seniors in old age need help performing daily tasks like bathing, toileting, dressing and managing medication. This assisted living option is for these adults who require just a little bit of extra help.

Atria Memory Care

Elders who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease have the option of receiving memory care in a friendly Atria Memory Care facility.

Atria Short-Term Stay

The option to test the waters of a senior living community is possible through Atria short-term stays. Seniors recovering from a procedure of an illness can also choose the option to stay at an Atria facility during recovery.

Popular Locations – Find a Community

Atria Senior Living CT

There are a total of 8 Atria communities in Connecticut in areas like Waterford, West Hartford and Stamford. If you or your loved one are currently living in Connecticut there are a few different living options available to seniors.

Find Atria facilities in Connecticut.

Atria Senior Living Louisville KY

Half of the Atria communities in Kentucky are located in Louisville. So it is safe to say that if you live in Louisville you have several options to choose from.

Find Atria living facilities in Kentucky.

Atria Senior Living Las Vegas

Search no more for assisted living facilities in Vegas. There are 3 great options of different Atria communities in Las Vegas.

Find an Atria facility in Las Vegas.