Assisted Living in Texas

Assisted living lets seniors live independently by providing that little extra help. Residents get some medical monitoring while leaving the chores behind such as cooking, cleaning, and driving.

Each day, seniors will get help with the daily living tasks so that life will be more comfortable. Along with all this support, seniors can enjoy several activities and social programs. Texas has many choices when your loved one needs to make a move to assisted living.

Assisted Living BenefitsAssisted Living in Texas

Assisted living seniors typically do not need as much care as the nursing home residents, but will get help with some medical monitoring. The staff will help the residents with hygiene, bathing, toileting, and changing clothes.

Along with daily help with hygiene and grooming, assisted living facilities help seniors manage medicines, get to doctor appointments, and feel secure with round the clock assistance. Other services include daily meals, laundry, housekeeping, linen service, and beautician services.

Seniors need to have fun, so residents leave the chores behind as they enjoy numerous activities, social programs, and clubs. Every day, residents can enjoy fun activities such as card games, exercise programs, movies, and more.

The Cost of Assisted Living

The monthly cost of assisted living covers most of your expenses such as housing, food, and entertainment.  Be sure to get the monthly breakdown of expenses from the communities, so you know which services cost extra.

According to the Genworth’s 2017 Cost of Care Survey, the monthly cost of assisted living care in Texas was $3,500. Since this is the average, the price can vary depending on the type of facility and the location.

Knowing When to Move to Assisted Living

If your loved one has a severe medical condition that continues to get worse, it may be time to consider assisted living even if he or she does not need a lot of medical care. If your loved one has fallen recently or has trouble driving, assisted living may be a viable option.

Check around the house. Is the laundry piling up? Is the food spoiled? If the house is not what it used to be, your family member may be having a hard time keeping up. Assisted living will take care of these regular chores.

Even if there is not a significant health change, there may be other physical changes that point to your loved one needing more help. Changes in weight, personal appearance, personality, and eating habits are all signs that a senior may need more help.

Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes. How would you feel? Assisted living communities help seniors stay socialized with others. Daily activities and programs help seniors connect to others to avoid loneliness.

The Texas Life for Seniors

Texas has several activities for everyone to enjoy. There is a lot of history to explore in Texas including the Alamo, Mission San Jose, and the Texas State Capitol. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy several gardens, parks, and beaches.

Starting Your Search

Texas Health and Human Services provide a listing of all licensed assisted living facilities to help you find communities in your area. When you are ready to choose an assisted living facility, ask around for referrals and read online reviews.  The best way to learn about a community is through others experiences. Talk to residents when you tour a facility.