Assisted Living in Brick NJ (New Jersey)

Brick Assisted Living

Assisted living homes are one way to support independent seniors who are beginning to need more help than they used to.

These homes aren’t like nursing homes. Residents go about their daily lives as normal while also receiving a bit of additional support when needed.

The Chelsea at Brick

458 Jack Martin Boulevard, Brick, NJ, 08724

The Chelsea at Brick offers both assisted living and memory care. The long list of features includes a movie theatre, walking path, and plenty of offsite field trips to places including the Ocean County Mall and Atlantic City. 

The Haven at Shorrock Gardens

75 Old Toms River Road, Brick, NJ 08723

The Haven at Shorrock Gardens specializes in Alzheimer's and memory loss care and rehabilitation. Rooms are comfortable with a kitchenette, and on-site life skill activities inclulde crafts, baking bread, and baby changing with a doll.

Brandywine Living at The Gables

515 Jack Martin Boulevard, Brick, NJ 08724

Brandywine Living at The Gables is an outstanding place for both assisted living and memory care. Amenities include a movie theater, tap room, beauty salon, and an All-Day Dining program.

What Are Assisted Living Centers?

Assisted living centers are accommodation available for those who are getting older or who have developed extra care needs over time. Many services offer self-contained apartments fitted with all the safety equipment required to ensure the home is accessible for those with decreasing mobility. Handles in the bathroom, sit-down showers, and emergency medical alarms are common features in these units.

An assisted living center isn’t just for those with common mobility issue. They can also accommodate residents’ needs and help with all facets of daily life from cooking to cleaning to transportation.

Care is also available. While assisted living centers aren’t well-equipped for those who need full-time care, they can provide visits from nurses or other aids to check in on the resident for more inclusive care.

Social needs are also considered. An assisted living center is a communal living center, and there are ample opportunities for residents to be social amongst each other and to participate in outside activities. In fact, many of those who enter communities under the impression that they won’t like the social aspect of assisted living end up staying for the community they build.

Average Cost of Assisted Living in Brick NJ

According to Genworth, the average cost of one month in an assisted living facility in northern New Jersey is $4,305. The cost of a home health aid may average $4,195. Meanwhile, a semi-private room in a nursing home averages $10,311 per month.

When to Consider Assisted Living

The need for assisted living doesn’t arise as a specific age. In fact, the age range of homes and facilities can vary between 40 and 90 years old.

What’s important in making decision depends on your age.

There are a few questions to ask yourself if you or a loved one have begun wondering about assisted living:

  • Can you move around your home safely?
  • Are all parts of your home accessible?
  • Have you noticed your health needs begin to change?
  • Can your current carer physically handle your health needs?

If you can’t confidently answer all these questions, it may be time to consider looking into assisted living programs.

Senior Living in Brick NJ

Residents of Brick NJ who are aged 60 and over are provided with a wide range of programs, activities and services.

Brick uses its Senior Outreach Services to actively make a difference in the lives of older residents. A calendar of events includes writing groups, sports and activities, dancing clubs, and presentations on issues directly related to older people. There is also a fruit and vegetable voucher program available to the 60+ crowd in Brick.

Getting Started

Does assisted living sound like it would accommodate your changing health needs? To learn more about assisted living in Brick NJ, get in touch. Or browse other assisted living facilities in NJ.