Assisted Living Framingham MA (Massachusetts)

Framingham Assisted Living

Assisted living centers create an environment that meets the physical and social needs of their residents. This is an alternative to hiring a caregiver who will visit an aging relative’s home, and in many ways this option offers more intellectual and social stimulation. There are several senior assisted living facilities in Framingham, MA. If you are currently helping a loved one with daily tasks or are thinking about hiring a caregiver, you should think about exploring assisted living instead.

Brookdale Cushing Park​​​

200 West Farm Pond Road, Framingham, MA 01702

Brookdale's Cushing Park location offers one bedroom, two bedroom, and studio apartments. Residents can expect daily, round-the-clock assistance from bathing and dressing to medication management. Housekeeping is provided.

Heritage at Framingham Assisted Living

747 Water Street, Framingham, MA 01701

Heritage at Framingham Assisted Living is a top-rated facility. Features include a spa, resident transportation, TV room, and garden/patio area. There are 24/7 nurses on site. Hospice and psychiatric care is offered. 

Why Choose Assisted Living?

Assisted living provides a balance between receiving the assistance your loved one needs and keeping their independence. There are plenty of activities your loved one can choose to take part in, and many opportunities to socialize with other residents.

Being a Homeowner Might No Longer Be Ideal

Living alone means your loved one has to take care of some daily chores and also needs to perform maintenance on their home. A caregiver or a relative might already be taking care of these things for your loved one. Moving into an assisted living facility eliminates these obligations and gives your loved one access to a meal service, transportation, activities and assistance with daily tasks.

Remaining Independent is Important

Independence is crucial for a person’s well-being. Your loved one might be reluctant to move into an assisted living facility because they feel that they would lose their independence and privacy. It is important to understand that these facilities provide each resident with their individual living quarters. Activities and social interactions take place in communal spaces.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Framingham, MA?

The average cost of assisted living is $6,200 a month for Boston. A facility in Framingham, Massachusetts should be a little more affordable. Hiring a home health aide in the Boston area would cost $4,957 a month, which makes assisted living an interesting alternative.

Is Your Loved One Ready for Assisted Living?

You should think about assisted living if the following applies:

  • Living alone is not the best option for the safety and well-being of your loved one.
  • Your loved one needs help with preparing food or with remembering to take their medication.
  • Access to socialization, transportation, and activities is an issue.

Framingham, MA is a great community for seniors. 

The city of Framingham has a Council On Aging that addresses the needs of its senior citizens. The Raymond J Callahan Senior Center is a popular spot for socializing. This center offers classes, activities, games and some health services. This is an interesting complement to what your loved one will have access to once they move into an assisted living facility.

Before you bring up assisted living…

Your loved one needs to see how assisted living would improve their quality of life. You should determine what their needs are and which amenities would be beneficial.

Visit some facilities in the Framingham area (or other cities in MA) to find out more about your options. Choose a facility that caters to the needs of the residents and look for things that will get your loved one excited about this change.