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Meeting an aging loved ones’ needs for assistance and socialization can be challenging. You might be responsible for a number of things that help improve your loved one’s quality of life, including helping with meal prep, providing transportation and spending time with them. If you have a loved one in the Canton, MA area, you should know that there are several assisted living communities where these needs would be met. The local Council On Aging also offers plenty of programs that will keep your loved one active.

Cornerstone at Canton

175 Revere St, Canton, MA, 02021

Cornerstone at Canton has over 25 years of experience in senior and assisted living. They have been named one of the top assisted living communities by

Brightview Canton

125 Turnpike St., Canton, MA 02021

Brightview Canton is one of seven senior living facilities that Brightview offers in Massachusetts. Along with assisted living services, they also feature independent living apartments and a specialized environment for dementia care.

Who can benefit from assisted living?

woman at assisted living center in Canton, MAYour loved one might not see the benefits of assisted living at first and be reluctant to change. It is important to look at the amenities offered and to talk about how this living arrangement would improve the life of your loved one.

End isolation

Any senior citizen who lives alone can greatly benefit from moving into an assisted living community. Isolation often leads to depression and memory loss. Assisted living communities include spaces where residents can socialize with each other. Your loved one will also have the possibility to join clubs, sign up for classes and take part in day trips.

Improve your loved one’s quality of life

Your loved one will receive assistance with things like dressing and bathing if they need it. They will have access to a meal service, and staff members will make sure they take their medication. If you are currently visiting your loved one on a daily basis to help with these things, assisted living would greatly improve their quality of life while helping them remain independent.

How much can you expect to pay for assisted living in Canton, MA?

The cost of an assisted living facility in Canton, MA should be close to the Massachusetts state median price of $5,463 a month. Prices might be a little higher than the state median since the average cost of assisted living in nearby Boston is $6,200 a month.

When does assisted living make sense?

Moving into an assisted living community makes sense if you are currently visiting your loved one on a daily basis to help with tasks like meal preparation or just to make sure your loved one manages their health condition. If your relative relies on you to run errands because getting out is difficult for them, assisted living would improve their quality of life.

What to expect if your relative is new to the Canton, MA area

The local Council On Aging runs the Canton Senior Center. Your relative will be able to socialize, play games, take computer classes and attend lectures. The Senior Center book club is a huge success.

Many local assisted living facilities offer day trips to nearby Boston. These trips are an opportunity to discover or rediscover the city!

Getting started with assisted living

Start by assessing the needs of your loved one. They might need assistance with a few tasks or could benefit from a specific amenities. The biggest benefit of assisted living could be to simply be a part of a community if your loved one is still independent.

Visit a few facilities in the Canton area (or other cities in Massachusetts) to compare the services and amenities. Tell your loved one about what you saw and pay attention to which amenities they seem interested in!