As the baby boomers reach their golden years, seniors are more active than ever. Trying to lead a healthy, active lifestyle can be challenging without access to the right nutrition, though. For seniors looking to maintain a proper weight, meal replacement shakes are often a good strategy. Unfortunately, not every meal replacement shake on the market is of high quality. Here, we take a look at the AdvoCare chocolate meal replacement shake.

AdvoCare is a health and wellness company. Founded in 1993, the brand combines wellness advocacy and care. AdvoCare’s meal replacement shakes come in a variety of delicious flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate mocha, berry and iced lemon. You can order each shake individually or opt for a 6-pack sampler with all flavors. Our review focuses on the chocolate flavor, though, so the nutrition and other information we discuss in this article are specific to that flavor.​​

AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake Reviews for Seniors

4 out of 5 stars

AdvoCare meal replacement shakes are a good way for any senior citizen to maintain a healthy weight. The chocolate flavor is tasty, smooth and easy to drink. Even better, the AdvoCare ordering process is simple and straightforward. Customer service representatives from the company are responsive and helpful. Accordingly, public perception of this product is high. From our perspective, this meal replacement shake is one of the best on the market today.

How Meal Replacement Shakes Work

Consumers of all ages use meal replacement shakes for a specific reason. Namely, replacement shakes are effective at helping individuals maintain a healthy weight. For seniors, accessing good-quality, nutritious food can be a challenge. Weight gain due to unhealthy eating habits is common. Conversely, some aging individuals struggle to carry enough weight as they decrease their caloric intake. As such, seniors and their caregivers often turn to meal replacement shakes for both weight-gain and weight-loss purposes.

For good reason, protein content is the common denominator among most meal replacement shakes. Since protein helps individuals feel full and satiated, seniors often successfully replace meals with these products. Nonetheless, not all protein is created equally. The best products feature high-quality, organic protein ingredients.

Meal replacement shakes generally come in two types: premixed or powdered. The premixed shakes are ready-to-go and easy to pack. The powdered ones may be combined with milk, water or another liquid. The best shakes don’t require a blender or other equipment to prepare, but many consumers choose to invest in a shaker bottle to make mixing easier.

Benefits of advocare meal Replacement

When senior citizens aren’t getting enough high-quality nutrition, their quality of life often decreases. The obvious benefit of AdvoCare meal replacement is that these shakes allow aging individuals to get the nutrition they need to maintain a healthy weight.

AdvoCare shakes are also simple to mix and easy to drink. Instead of spending hours shopping for groceries and preparing meals, busy seniors can take advantage of the convenience of these shakes. Furthermore, one shake provides the calories, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals that seniors need to stay healthy.

For those looking to lose weight, AdvoCare’s protein helps them feel full while consuming fewer calories. This benefit, of course, is difficult to overstate.

Why Seniors Choose AdvoCare Meal Replacement

Overweight seniors are susceptible to a variety of health consequences. High blood pressure, diabetes, digestive issues and other complications are common among those carrying extra pounds. By replacing regular meals with an AdvoCare shake, seniors may lose weight. Weight loss, of course, often helps control other conditions. On the other hand, underweight seniors have health concerns of their own. Gaining a few pounds can make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for underweight seniors.

As you age, nutrition becomes more important. Therefore, you don’t want to risk your health by eating the wrong diet. Before replacing meals with a shake, you should consult a medical doctor or certified nutritionist. Still, if you want an effective way to control your weight, opting for an AdvoCare meal replacement product may be right for you.

Features of AdvoCare Meal Replacement

  • Easy to prepare
  • Comes in convenient satchel packets
  • Available in delicious flavors
  • Contains whey protein concentrate
  • Contains L-glutamine and L-lysine

AdvoCare shakes are a breeze to prepare. While some meal replacement products require blenders, AdvoCare shakes don’t. Simply mix the product with milk or water and enjoy. You may want to use a shaker bottle to ensure consisting mixing, though.

The AdvoCare satchel packets are convenient. Instead of carrying a bulky bottle or jug, you take small packets with you wherever you go. When you are ready for your meal replacement, simply open a packet and mix your drink.

Whey protein is one of the most effective protein options available. AdvoCare uses whey in its products. It also supplements them with L-glutamine and L-lysine, two amino acids that are important for maintaining a healthy weight.

Pros and Cons of AdvoCare Meal Replacement


  • check
    Helps seniors keep weight under control
  • check
    Available in six flavors
  • check
    Contains a complete nutritional makeup
  • check
    Simple to prepare


  • Contains artificial sweeteners
  • Not available from AdvoCare
  • Potential side effects

As seniors age, they must maintain a healthy weight. AdvoCare is one tool to accomplish this goal. Because the shake comes in six delicious flavors, consumers don’t usually get tired of drinking it. The complete nutritional profile of the product also assures them that they’re consuming a well-balanced diet. Even better, because the product is simple to prepare, seniors tend to stick with their meal-replacement program.

Nonetheless, AdvoCare meal replacement shakes are not perfect. The artificial sweeteners that give these shakes their flavor are a major drawback. Also, you can’t purchase AdvoCare shakes from the company itself. Instead, you must buy them from a third-party seller.

Since AdvoCare meal replacement shakes are high in fiber, you may experience gas and bloating. Long-term use could result in organ damage, so you must speak to a physician before beginning your meal-replacement diet. Still, because the product offers complete nutrition, it is often ideal for helping seniors meet their weight goals.

Ingredients of AdvoCare Meal Replacement

Per serving, AdvoCare meal replacement has 220 calories, 30 of which are from fat. The total fat in the product is 3 grams, making it a low-fat product. Unlike some other meal replacements, this one has 40 mg of cholesterol, which accounts for 13 percent of most consumers’ recommended daily allowance. With 24 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of fiber, AdvoCare meal replacement shakes are a complete meal. Nonetheless, the 12 grams of sugar and artificial sweeteners in these shakes leaves a bit to be desired.

AdvoCare meal replacement has a number of other essential vitamins and minerals. While this list isn’t comprehensive, some of the most remarkable are the following:

NUTRITION FROM Advocare Meal Replacement

  • Whey protein concentrate, Calcium, Milk protein isolate, L-glutamine, L-lysine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, Vitamin mineral mix, Vitamin A, Zinc Oxide, Manganese sulfate, Riboflavin  

While AdvoCare shakes have a variety of vitamins and minerals, they may not be all you need to maintain a healthy diet. You also must discuss drug interactions and allergy vulnerabilities with your physician before you begin to use AdvoCare products.

Customer Reviews of AdvoCare Meal Replacement

In the digital era, consumers usually aren’t shy about sharing their experiences online. To give you a complete picture, we read through dozens of AdvoCare product reviews. While most were glowing, some were less than stellar. Here is a general summary of what we found.

The amount of contact information on AdvoCare’s official website is encouraging. This information pays off in public perception. Customers who contacted the company reported a high level of satisfaction. That is, service representatives were knowledgeable and helpful. This is encouraging for seniors who don’t want to waste time navigating a cumbersome company bureaucracy.

A major drawback that many customers experienced, however, is that the products are not available for sale from the company itself. Instead, you must use a third-party vendor to buy your AdvoCare meal replacements. While AdvoCare delivers exceptional customer service, many reviewers reported frustration with independent sellers.

Most reviewers delighted in the nutritional composition and flavor of AdvoCare meal replacement products, finding the texture to be particularly smooth. Some, however, expressed disappointment in the flavor profiles. That is, a few reviewers found the chocolate-based flavors to be similar. Some even thought that the product had a chemical taste.

While online reviewers mostly discussed the quality of the product, virtually no one talked about the efficacy of it in maintaining a healthy weight. Nonetheless, most online reviewers rate AdvoCare meal replacement higher than others on the market.

Let Us Know What You Think About AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shakes

All in all, AdvoCare is a good option for seniors who are looking for a simple, delicious and nutritious meal replacement product. We like its healthy makeup and convenience. Reviewers appreciate the company’s customer service and responsiveness. Have you tried an AdvoCare shake or read any interesting AdvoCare meal replacement reviews? Do you have questions we didn’t answer? We want to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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